Accessibility Feedback Form

Blackburn Media is committed to accessibility for all persons with disabilities. As part of our accessibility plan, we have this feedback form that will help to ensure that we continue to provide services that are accessible to persons with disabilities. This form is providing feedback in two areas; information and communication and physical accessibility.

The Human Resources department is responsible for all accessibility-related feedback, both positive and negative.

Blackburn Media welcomes your comments related to accessibility. If you wish to receive an email response, please enter your name and email in the spaces provided below. Otherwise, your feedback will remain anonymous.

Privacy Disclaimer

Personal information that is provided through the accessibility feedback form is collected pursuant to section 7(1)(a) and Section 70 of the Accessible Canada Act.

This personal information is collected by the Human Resources department of BMI to comply with the Accessible Canada Act by creating a mechanism to collect feedback and be able to respond back to the individual and acknowledge that their feedback has been collected and how it was handled.

Collection and use of this personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act and is confidential. This method is used to collect feedback internally and externally on our Accessibility Plan, future progress reports, as well as accessibility and barriers to accessibility.

For more information about the process and alternate ways to submit feedback, please read the Accessibility Feedback page.