As of 2019, 90.46% of internet searches are conducted using Google, resulting in over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. With high search volumes comes an overwhelming amount of information for people to digest. This leaves people wondering, “what should I even click on?”.

The truth is, most of the time people will click on whatever pops out to them and is the easiest to access. For businesses, this means presenting information in a simple and accessible way for their potential clients. Thankfully Google has provided a seamless way to do this with what they call their “Knowledge Panel”. In this article we will explain to you what the Knowledge Panel is and walk you through setting up one for your business

What is a Knowledge Panel?

The Knowledge Panel appears when someone searches for entities on Google including places, people, things, and organizations. There are two types of Knowledge Panels that Google can display: Local Panels and Branded/Personal Panels.

  1.  Local Knowledge Panels

A Local Panel consists of your business’:

  • Address
  • Photos
  • Website
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone number
  • Merchant description
  • Google + posts
  • Google reviews
  • FAQ
  • Unique Information*

* This is dependent on your business category. For example, a hotel listing can show the amenities they offer.

2. Branded/Personal Knowledge Panels

A Branded/Personal Panel consists of:

  • Entity name
  • Featured Image*
  • Social Media Profiles*
  • Wikipedia Snippet
  • “People also search for” section
  • Special stats* (a schedule for an event, a person’s birthday, or any other appropriate stat)
  • Additional Images

* These items can be updated manually, while all others are generated automatically using data collected by Google.

How do I Create a Knowledge Panel for my Business?

Updating your knowledge panel on Google is simple, whether you want to create a local or branded/personal knowledge panel. 

How to Create a Local Knowledge Panel

First, you will have to create your own Google My Business account. Once this has been created all you have to do is update the information you would like Google to display for your business. Google will then verify this information and your knowledge panel will start appearing every time someone searches for your business!

How to Create Branded/Personal Knowledge Panel

Getting a branded/personal knowledge panel relies on data you indirectly supply to Google. This means that Google will automatically create a knowledge panel for you through SEO (search engine optimization). To help Google pull data for your branded/personnel panel it helps to create a Google My Business, Wikipedia, and Wikidata for your business. After you build these platforms up with information Google will generate you a branded/personal knowledge panel. Once you see your panel appear, click “Claim this knowledge panel” and follow the instructions Google supplies!

Which Knowledge Panel is Best for my Business?

While each panel displays different information, the truth is you don’t have to choose! By having both setup, Google will display both when people search for your business. 

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