Ask anyone in the Chatham-Kent area to tell you their favourite place to go for a delicious pizza and there’s no doubt they will immediately start singing “Pie-Zano’s, Authentic Italian…Pie-Zano’s, a passion for pizza!”

Known for their incredible, authentic Italian pizza and great customer service, Piezano’s has been a valued client of Blackburn Radio for years and they keep coming back, because what we do, works.

Starting small, we have worked with Piezano’s to build a brand that is well known and trusted in the area through sponsorships, contesting, giveaways, featured events, community involvement and the catchiest jingle in town.

As easy as setting up a meeting between Piezano’s and Imagine Words and Music, we were able to tap into a branding possibility that has exploded with success.  A one time investment has paid off as one of the most memorable ad campaigns we’ve had to date.  Tapping into the target audience, choosing the style of music and feel for the business, a jingle can go a long way to making a listener more receptive to your message.  If they can sing it, they can remember it.

Pizano’s Jingle

Paul from Piezano’s knows that the team at Blackburn Radio work strategically for their advertising success, so they can focus on what they do best… have you tried their pickle pizza?

Just like Piezano’s Authentic Italian Pizza, Blackburn Radio offers “quality without compromise”.