Battery Boy

The super hero of the power source, Battery Boy is Chatham-Kent’s go to for absolutely everything that needs a charge… literally anything.  Plain old double A’s, cell phone batteries, car batteries, farm equipment…and they even recycle.

At Blackburn Radio, we know how to present our clients to their target audience and keep them top of mind.  From the jazzy stylings of the Battery Boy jingle that immediately grabs your attention, to the stand out claim as the “home of the $3 watch battery”, Blackburn Radio has helped Battery Boy be the battery business of choice in the area.

Using station vehicle sponsorships, ad rotations on multiple stations, social media packages and reach and revisit programs online, our tool chest is filled with the latest instruments to get your business in front of your current and future customers.

Taking family businesses to the next level is something we at Blackburn Radio take pride in –  and we’re good at it. 

Just ask Paul and Kristie at Battery Boy.  Like them, Blackburn Radio’s got a little bit of everything you need.

3 Digital Marketing Platforms to Increase your Online Presence and Attract New Customers

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